Lead photograph by Ultra Visitation

Team Clandy. Just so fresh … happenin’ … original … always comin’ up with summat that makes you wanna go shout ‘Yeet!’ They’ve been ragin’ against the endless recycling of unoriginal crop circles. They even went after the recent beautiful formation at Smeathe’s Plantation, making complete tools of themselves in the process.

The latest effort from one half of the Dorset trailblazers is just sooooooooo unique. Brucie lovin’ Dan, pretending to be the entertainer himself, hailed his own genius and creativity to go solo and put down something scrappy but so jawdroppingly new he’s filed a patent for it: the flower of life. That’s it at the top of the page.

The Croppie couldn’t help but look back through crop circle history in an attempt to find any similar circles. And guess what…


You can click on the right of the above images to see them all. The Croppie gave up after the twelfth example and there are plenty more out there. (If you want to know where this pseudo-circle is then keep guessing as the location has not been disclosed.)

Dan, if you’re reading this then know there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the flower of life motif. However, don’t go claiming it as something ‘fresh’ when even Doug and Dave (you may need to do some digging on these guys) tried their hand at making one or two of these in the early ’90s.