Over on Circle Chasers a poster called Tomasz Kaczmarek has noted how some circles are ignored by websites such as Temporary Temples and the Crop Circle Connector. Kaczmarek asks ‘Is there any conspiracy against some crop circles that do not [match] somebody’s agenda?’ He notes how two sorta similar looking formations have been treated very differently by the aforementioned websites, one featured and one excluded.

Hopefully The Croppie‘s knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes can clear this up. There’s no conspiracy, it’s simply a matter of a crop circle’s origins.

During 2019 the Connector parted company with Matthew Williams after a number of years in which he was employed as their main photographer. Williams was unhappy at the circumstances under which things had ended and so he founded the Crop Circle Disconnector website in conjuction with one circle maker and Dene Hine, a known hoaxer.

The Disconnector plan was meant to be mutually beneficial for all three parties. The circle maker and Hine would have a platform to release exclusive images and videos of their creations made in secret locations. In theory, this would prevent photographers such as Lucy Pringle and Steve Alexander (the latter operates Temporary Temples) from taking pictures and using them to make money by selling prints, calendars and postcards. In return, croppies would be shown Williams’s videos of these exclusive formations, generating some cash for him via YouTube payout. All three would feel smug at having some control over what’s going on in the crop circle world.

Life rarely runs smoothly and the Disconnector bombed. The circle maker jumped ship at the first hurdle, calling it quits as it became clear nobody was interested in manmade circles. Hine proved himself inept. Williams was left with nothing more than some entry level scratchings in fields and a dismal website laden with attacks against Steve Alexander.

Although the Disconnector ground itself into the dust, Hine couldn’t let go of the idea. In 2020 he released videos of his own ‘art’ in hidden locations, under the fake name of Cipro Clerc on YouTube. (He spammed Facebook using the identity Richard Pitman.) Without access to these messes, both the CCC and Temporary Temples could not feature them. Whilst The Croppie guesses the CCC may have still photographed them if they could (they certainly followed this path after locating and photographing the horrendous NHS tribute circle made by Team Clandestine), Alexander would almost certainly have possessed no interest in them.

So there you have it. There is no conspiracy, just one now retired hoaxer who doesn’t want his wonk to feature anywhere where he isn’t in control. The fields are a better place without him.