It was less than ten months ago that Team Clandestine’s Dene Hine told his Facebook audience he’d had enough of media outlets who don’t go out of their way to tell everyone crop circles are manmade.

‘This year you will only see crop circles that are made by teams to be flown by people to continue the mystery,’ he raved, referring to the Crop Circle Connector and photographers such as Steve Alexander, Hampshire Flyer and Nick Bull. ‘None of my creations will be available to these people. If and when I create my art it will be exclusive.’

How things have now changed.

In a misguided attempt to show how the Connector are aware of the extent of human circle making (a subject already covered here), dim Dene has made his own hypocrisy clear to the world. Far from wanting to stand up for crop circle truth, justice and honesty, harebrained Hine asked for some form of reward for giving the Connector access to his latest pseudo-circles. You know, the same Crop Circle Connector that Hine says promotes the mystery.

The following screencaps — published by Dene himself through the Clandestine Esoteric Mysterious Universe page — are from a conversation between Hine (right) and Mark Fussell (left) of the Crop Circle Connector:

There we have it. Exclusivity for Hine equates to whatever is on offer for him. It’s nothing to do with morals. It’s about financial reward. He is so deluded to believe the Connector would have paid for upfront knowledge and first photos of 2020 classics such as the Sixpenny Handley waste disposal unit? 

Photograph by Droning On

This year Team Clandestine haven’t been able to put down anything resembling a well surveyed formation, just a batch of entry level scratchings. Given Hine is now retired we can look ahead to a better 2021, with his input restricted to his usual sock puppetry and ranting on Facebook.