Laurence ‘Enzo’ Brabazon, one of the very hottest newcomers on the croppie scene, has stunned both cerealogy and ufology with convincing, apparently genuine footage of his contact with unidentified flying objects. However, for his efforts, Enzo has become the latest victim of thoughtless online trolls, one of which is notorious circle makers’ groupie Robin Knight.

Electric Red Craft

On 29th December Brabazon, a leading contender in 2020’s Top of the Croppies rundown, posted the video on social media. It shows ‘a small white orb spot[ting]’ Brabazon’s camera before sending ‘a message to [a] ship in the clouds’ with both craft glowing ‘electric red’. Finally, the ship ‘dispatches the brightest orb you are ever likely to see, to right in front of the camera.’

Brabazon’s sensational film was captured on Boxing Day, in darkness, on a ‘smartphone suspended using a gimbal stabiliser to keep the camera steady.’ In one particularly affecting passage the paranormal vlogger shared his belief the aliens were actively engaged in capturing his attention: ‘It’s a message to us all … we are here.’

Holy Warnings

Reaction to the video was initially positive. ‘Good catch,’ wrote Matthew Smith, whilst Lancashire A Go Go added ‘Enzo! They love you!’ Joy Soul was positive but slightly more cautious, suggesting Brabazon should avoid any closer contact with the extraterrestrial visitors. ‘Be aware,’ said Joy, ‘to not seek communication with any who seek you who do not acknowledge HOLY in them and you. Do not go on ships and do not travel to astral states or telepathy with them who do not acknowledge HOLY.’

Big Name Trolls

These gracious comments were tempered by the appearance of trolls on Brabazon’s YouTube channel including Fin365 who wrote ‘Really sad. Of all the hobbies to choose. Of all the ways to spend your life. And you troll ufology with the most shit UFO videos I’ve ever seen. Bravo.’

On lawless croppie playground Circle Chasers, the reaction towards Enzo was equally vitriolic. Well known circle makers’ fanboy and desperate name-dropper Robin Knight accused Brabazon of ‘trying to film his neighbour changing’. Canadian jibe merchant and cerealogist Jack Jane sarcastically dismissed the footage as ‘pretty cool’, adding ‘this has to go in the … umm … well done, keep videoing category.’

Film maker, UFO spotter and croppie Enzo Brabazon.

Being a respectable, family website, The Croppie cannot list some of the other horrendous comments thrown towards Brabazon. Nonetheless, the London based musical performer addressed the abuse in a subsequent video, although his distress was clear.

‘It seems that the closer you get to finding some answers about this phenomenon, the more ferocious the opposition becomes.’ mused Enzo. ‘Death threats, just vile nastiness … people came out of the woodwork to try and assassinate the video.’

‘What do we do with the trolls?’ Brabazon continued. ‘Do we take the aggression back to them? Start firing off questions, nastiness and evil to them? Or do we just ignore it and do our best to block it out? Or should we confront it and take it to Facebook? I’m up for getting some answers to this phenomenon but I’m no longer prepared to accept vile, hateful comments from people in this arena.’

Advice To Enzo

Whilst Brabazon’s comments come as a harsh word to his critics, The Croppie wishes to offer him some thoughts. It is clear the light phenomena in the video is not the result of CGI trickery. Nonetheless, the problem Enzo has is that his video was recorded behind a glass window. If you view the footage you will see light reflections in the lower half of the screen as traffic goes past. The question has to be whether Brabazon can reproduce similar footage taken outside or through an open window. Open to you, Enzo. If you want a hand, want to share more information or your views on crop circle, please feel free to contact The Croppie using this link.