All of the short form buzz from behind the scenes of croppiedom. And what a crappy week to start with…

Respect Is A Two Way Street

The Croppie recently received an email from cerealogist Joanna Emery requesting her name was removed from one specific article in connection to Facebook troll-pig Jack Jane. The Croppie initially played along but requested, in return, an apology from her fanboy Peter King; this is the peculiar individual who harrassed a circles-unconnected relative of one of The Croppie‘s writers.

Peter King: Creep

The Croppie suggested to Emery that she perhaps reach out to the individuals on Facebook who continue to name her as Jack Jane and ask why they do so. There was no response to this suggestion. Neither has there been any response from creepy Pete. Game over.

Mark Fussell: Step Up

Mark Fussell of the Crop Circle Connector has jumped to the defence of Canadian croppie Joanna Emery on Circle Chasers, denying she’s notoriously vile bottom-feeder Jack Jane. Meanwhile the latter is free to post as she wishes, ridiculing the children of one user and casting aspersions as to the sexual orientation of some croppies. Come on Fussell, why don’t you just do the right thing? The Croppie can think of people who have been banned from Chasers simply because one person moaned about them. Similarly, bans have been issued to others and those individuals have been allowed to return and continue posting their nonsense. Do your job or hand Circle Chasers over to someone who will actually take the time to control it properly.

There is someone out there, once linked to the Connector, who can likely prove whether Jack Jane and Emery share the same IP address. This same person can also prove whether Win Keech filmed cars in East Field on the same night the 777 circle appeared, yet for some reason they deliberately choose to remain silent. Perhaps it’s time they’re contacted?

The Eternal Victim Gets Victimised Again

Two time Top of the Croppies winner Matthew Williams has released a (very long) video in which he whines about being trolled. That’s a bit ripe isn’t it, given all of the lie packed content he has broadcast to get at others on YouTube. Still, check out guest Johny Webb who seems to think hilariously transparent trickster Robbert van den Broeke has genuine supernatural abilities.

He Is A Man Who Will Fight For Your Honour

Finally, and definitely not to diminish his achievement, The Croppie would like to congratulate Robin ‘White’ Knight for derailing one of the most amusing threads seen on Circle Chasers in a very long time. How everyone watching marvelled as a discussion developed over which two croppies had found themselves in a ‘steamy’ relationship during 2020. It was all very interesting until Robin noticed some circle makers had been mentioned. He couldn’t resist picking up his mace and sword, strapping on his armour and rushing to the defence of the people he constantly likes to name-drop. Then the thread disappeared. Chill out Sir Robin, it’s just bantz, hun.