Liar Liar, Ego On Fire

The new season is still a good three months away at best and Team Ten Watt can’t cope without attention. Their glorious leader Dene Hine has taken to Facebook to claim ownership as the ‘designer and maker’ of crop circles that most certainly were not and never will be his. To use a fair analogy it’s like being a footballer who claims to have netted a sensational goal simply because he was on the pitch at the same time someone else scored it.

This isn’t the first time KFC munching Dene has gone down this route, as anyone in the know will be able to confirm from looking at his ego-massaging Hine Sight Creations page. There are a good few examples on there that do not belong to him.

Other designs supposedly by Dene have been ripped straight from the shelf. Ready meal crop circles. Who can forget the chemical weapons symbol he’s claiming copyright of? Apparently he designed it. The same with one certain BDSM symbol and the Mothership Glass logo as well.

All of this whilst he’s alleging copyright breaches against those who take photographs of his pseudo-circles without his permission.

Man Baby Needs Subscribers

Crop circle parasite and self-aggrandising YouTuber Matthew Williams has been the focus of a lengthy rant on Facebook from the Moritz family in the Hampshire village of East Meon. Having apparently buzzed the Moritz’s home with his drone in March 2020, Williams has recently seen fit to resurrect video footage of his subsequent encounter with two of the family members. 

The film begins part way through with Mrs Moritz shouting at Williams in a hostile manner and then throwing a large stick at him. Whilst amusing to watch, the film is just another run-of-the-mill example of Williams’s techniques: a partial documentation of an encounter accompanied by a commentary making him out to be the innocent party in the event. It’s reminiscent of the time he wound up Gary King enough to get a kick in the balls, or when he goaded the former landlord of The Barge to assault him.

After the confrontation Williams wrote to Mrs Moritz’s employer in an attempt to get her sacked. This is another classic Williams ploy; it isn’t too far removed from the occasion last year he reported photographer Nick Bull to Wiltshire Police for supposedly breaching lockdown regulations. 

If you’ve not worked it out by now Williams has, as the Moritzes state, a need ‘to create drama to get more subscribers’. And what better way to do it than the following.

Man Baby In Terror Alert

As if on cue, Williams found himself on some trucker’s YouTube channel for a ‘showdown video’ in which he rants and wails and screams about an incident that occurred during a recent visit of his to London.

Williams says another urbexer shopped him to the police as he explored some tunnels under the the city. The allegation was supposedly that Williams was perpetrating a terror attack on the London Underground. The police showed up, waiting for the Eternal Sulk. Williams emerged as police drew their tasers. He seems to have escaped without a shock, but copped a fine for breaching Covid lockdown rules. (And to recall that Nick Bull incident mentioned above…)

If you really can’t be bothered to watch the video, and who can blame you, Williams calls out the alleged rat. Like some bad cowboy movie he suggests the urbex town isn’t big enough for the two of them. Furthermore, he’s got ‘evidence’ of his nemesis’s misdeeds. This bullying tactic may have worked on a couple of croppies in the past, but let’s see if Williams can present his full ‘evidence’ without embellishment, rhetoric or simply missing out what doesn’t suit. Probably not going to happen.

Paid that fine yet, Matt?