Enzo…Circle Master

The croppie formerly known as Enzo Brabazon has apparently secured an exclusive distribution deal with Amazon Prime to document his recent, weird, circle making adventure in Wiltshire. No, this Croppie doesn’t believe it either.

In the meantime Enzo had released a short film called Circle Masters that teases the beginning of his odd expedition. It’s a troubling piece of footage; between impressions of the Chuckle Brothers our hero is seeing aliens where there are only vehicle lights and gaps of light between tree branches. Given he apparently drove to Wiltshire you’d think he’d know what headlights and the sky look like.

Funny how the white orb in the centre is following the road down from Broad Hinton.
White orb to the left of the trees in the direction of Wroughton.

It’s all a bit worrying to be honest, especially as in recent days Enzo has been claiming he’s received telephone calls from aliens.

Watch the video (linked below) and you’ll see the circled orb has wings and makes bird noises.
It’s light showing through the gaps between branches, Enzo!

Sadly, Circle Masters is only available through Facebook. You can see it by clicking here. You may require therapy after.