Enzo Blabberzon and Gets Found Out

Former television psychic Enzo Brabazon really can’t help himself. First he very publicly confessed to making the Stanton St Bernard crop circle.

Now he’s done the same for the mess in the field opposite Silbury Hill. Just look…

Enzo’s confession.

The silly sausage has made his own bun to lie in having tied himself up in knots. Over the past two weeks Enzo has boasting about his own circle making antics. In one video he’s sat atop Silbury Hill, acknowledging the circle’s presence before it became public knowledge — something he would later attempt to deny.

No, you didn’t mention a crop circle at all.

Remarkably, Enzo even publicly posted a request to drone photographer Nick Bull to fly over the field, together with a plan of the formation! Seriously, Enzo? You’re going to get yourself in trouble.

The Croppie takes a dim view of circle makers who blab about their work, especially after producing such a terrible mess on the land of a farmer who has become increasingly intolerant of crop circles. This idiocy helps no-one, whether farmer, croppie or circle maker.