Silbury Hill circle maker Enzo ‘Blabberzon’ Brabazon has sensationally rage quit the croppie scene just days after telling the world he’d made the first two circles of the season. He raged:

I am fed up to the back teeth with the utter b****cks being stirred up and whizzed around by the Crop Circle cabal headed by The Evil Emperor himself. I speak of course of the Photoshop master, Nick Bullocks.

So what has photographer Nick Bull done? Two things.

First, he jokingly doctored a photo of Brabazon’s shocking circle at Silbury Hill to add a smiley face to it. Brabazon tried to pull a fast one here as he was perfectly happy with the image until Hugh Newman got his drone up and showed the crop circle for the horrendous mess it actually is. Funny how Enzo’s attitude has now changed now he’s been exposed as the low grade plank dragger he is.

[photoshop:Headline]. [photopress:stringOfKeywords].

The doctored image. Look closely at the eyes and it’s pretty obvious.

Second, Bull posted a screenshot of Brabazon asking him, via Facebook, to get his drone above the field at Silbury Hill. Having seen this Facebook thread The Croppie can confirm there was nothing Photoshopped about it. Brabazon is sulking because he couldn’t help crowing about what he made and then the truth to its appearance came out. Having known what he’d left behind in the field he had the front to try and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Oh well, at least one thing has come to light, in my eyes at least; through the relentless bullying and destruction of crops that has now left me feeling quite shaken.

It’s easy to cry you’re being bullied when you are the architect of your own downfall, Enzo. You’re just one more in the list of self-centred, messianic, false circles prophets who have tried to exploit the phenomenon for their own gain. The destruction of crops came around as a consequence of the actions you’ve personally admitted to. The Croppie imagines the farmer at Silbury Hill, Mr Hues, is feeling angry about the needless damage you have caused in your search for fame and attention.

That is: right now, I am struggling to be able to find any trust or faith in the political class, and in the current rulers of the world per se. It feels all wrong. No support. Nothing.

What are you saying here, Enzo? You believe Boris Johnson should be jumping to your defence to save you and your sham of a story? He’s got better things to do.

I had hoped that out here in this magical land of wonder, we might be able to trust the leaders of the community to reach out during such tough times, and offer us a helping hand.

The croppie community has no leaders, Enzo. It is a very loose affiliation of people from different walks of life who share a common interest. But their personal beliefs, intelligence, background and mental capacities are all very different. You’ve come from nowhere, Enzo, crashing onto the scene and setting yourself up as some sort of mystical authority. Then you’ve caused croppiedom embarrassment and shame by declaring the Silbury Hill wreck as your own.

[photoshop:Headline]. [photopress:stringOfKeywords].

Photograph by Hugh Newman / Crop Circles From the Air

Thanks for nothing, [names removed].

So you’re naming people to distract from the mess at Silbury Hill? Again, you’ve been the architect of your own problems. You’ve been caught out and called out and you can’t handle it. Croppies should be thanking you for nothing given the fallout that may arise with farmers given your inept adventures. 

I’ll be going quiet now (and from now on in) and leave this weird little internet scrummage to the mud you’ve got going on.

This is not debate.

Who said croppiedom is about debate, Enzo? Stay quiet and do yourself a favour.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll be back sporadically to announce each and every one of the genuine crop circles this season as communicated to me by my inner self.

The Croppie isn’t worried about you, Enzo. You’ve already announced on Facebook what the next ‘genuine crop circle’ will look like. It will be like the Mercedes logo. The Croppie suggests you give this one a miss as you will, quite rightly, be the prime suspect.

Ha! Bet you four weasels don’t go near that inner zone, for a genuine fear of what you might find.

The Croppie has no idea what you’re on about, Enzo.

Oh well, better luck in the next life. Oh no wait again! There isn’t one. Earth is/was a last chance saloon for many to try and pay back a karmic debt yet unpaid.

You were kinda on the right path with crop circles as well. Be nice to one another to start with.

The clock is ticking.

In love and light,

Enzo Brabazon

Let the ramblings of Enzo be a lesson to anyone who comes to the crop circles seeking fame and attention. It almost always ends in a trainwreck. Once you cross the line and become a circle maker you have an overriding responsibility to stay quiet. When you don’t, this is the sort of mess you’ll stir up.

Enjoy your flounce, Enzo. You’ll be back because you crave the attention.