A lack of self-awareness is the key in this installment of Croppie Gossip.

The Croppie Couldn’t Have Put It Better

Sometimes no commentary is necessary…

The Last You’ll Read Here About Enzo … Probably

After featuring here a fair bit as a form of early season entertainment, Laurence ‘Enzo Brabazon’ Gibson has revealed the true nature of his circles tomfoolery. He has just launched his website and it’s full of as much bullshit as you would expect:

Let’s set the record straight. Gibson was at least ten miles away from the location of ‘Crop circle no.1’ when it appeared at Stanton St Bernard. Furthermore, he only predicted ‘Crop circle no.3’ to be a copy of Metatron’s Cube after The Croppie’s old friend Geoff Watson posted an image of an old circle with a similar motif. Gibson’s actual prediction was this:

It was sheer coincidence that a similar design subsequently appeared at Broad Hinton, paid for by Epic Games to promote the video game Fortnite. When challenged by one croppie Gibson had the nerve to say he’d commissioned the circle himself!

But this is what bad psychics do. They make up lies and attempt to make themselves out to be the recipient of magical powers. Very often it’s in the interests of making money and look…

That’s right. Part with your cash and receive some mumbo-jumbo from Laurence, including a personalised GIF you could make yourself for free! Perhaps the money is needed to pay for the costs of travelling between London and Dorset on a fruitless hunt for a crop circle that seems not to have existed. Apparently he was tipped off by telephone calls from aliens!

Fortunately, things have begun to backfire on Gibson. The naughty ‘psychic’ has been banned from various groups on social media for his incessant spamming, thereby depriving himself of chances to gain subscribers to his ridiculous website.

Gibson apologises with more self-promotion

Fingers crossed Laurence Gibson has condemned himself to crop circle irrelevancy. It could certainly seem this way as he’s issued a lengthy apology on his personal Facebook profile. Then again, he’s still spamming his website in his apology!