Reported: 28 June 2021
Location: Tidcombe Long Barrow, Nr Tidcombe, Wiltshire
Lead photograph by The Hampshire Flyer

Tidcombe Down, Maccoombe Down, Gammons Farm. Which one? This crop circle seems to sit between all three, above the Wiltshire village of Tidcombe. No matter the exact name of the location, there seems to be a lot of history here: earthworks and a Roman road. Most notably, Tidcombe Long Barrow lies at the end of the field. Crop circles are often found close to such antiquities, whether deliberately or otherwise. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to think.

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Photo by Nick Bull

So far the weather hasn’t been kind and this striking, somewhat traditional formation sits brooding in the gloom. Hopefully things will improve and we’ll see the circle in bright sunlight, although Hugh Newman of Crop Circles From the Air has done a great job of things. His images really are worth checking out in the gallery below:

Photos and video from The Hampshire Flyer:

Video from Nick Bull: