Reported: 5 July 2021
Location: Hackpen Hill, Nr Broad Hinton, Wiltshire
Lead photograph by The Hampshire Flyer

Photography by The Hampshire Flyer

Hackpen Hill seems to have been in the crosshairs so far this season. Okay, that was a bad line, but there really isn’t much to add.

Oh, wait, on 6 July The Croppie received an anonymous tip off that this circle matches a symbol that can be found on clothing produced by The Barge pub at Honeystreet. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility but this definitely places this circle under suspicion.

Not a good image but this is a logo connected to The Barge. Identical, yes … and we all know about that pub’s historical link to crop circles.

Whatever the circle’s origins, this photograph from Nick Bull shows this circle aligned with the commercial works produced for Lorde and Epic Games:

Photography by Nick Bull

The circle may not be the most elegant or enthralling, but nothing can distract from the gorgeous scenery.

Video from The Hampshire Flyer:

Video by Nick Bull: