Lead photograph by Hugh Newman

It’s the ‘too hot and really can’t be bothered to waste energy on a moron’ edition of Croppie Gossip!

And hasn’t it been a bad few days for someone…

Aliens Stole My Crop Circle Design

Crop circle appears near Upham in Hampshire.

Hoaxer Dene Hine goes ape as he thinks it features elements from two of his crop circle designs: a border and a ‘Q’ motif in the centre. (Looks more like a stylised ‘G’ to The Croppie). Hine and his agents whine and screech endlessly on social media.

Nobody cares as they are having too much of a great time visiting the circle and/or enjoying some fantastic photos of it, like this one from Nick Bull:

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Photography by Nick Bull

A Bad Night Out…

Rumour has reached The Croppie that Hine took to the fields to lay down his own example of how a circle should be made. Such talk is unconfirmed, and it is a long drive from Yeovil to Hackpen Hill, but this one was spotted from above this morning:

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Photograph by Steve Adams

To be fair to whoever or whatever made this latest effort at Hackpen Hill, it really is little worse than some of the Team One Watt ‘mastermind”s efforts of late.