Anti-Semitic Circle Shocker

The Croppie has read some nonsense in the past, but apparently the circle at Upham is promoting anti-Semitism and the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Rants Nurit Nardi:

So let’s get this straight; the supposed original design was a ‘dismissive declaration against QAnon, with the original border saying FU’.

But let’s look at the centre…apparently the ‘original design”s central motif was a Q.

Is the central motif at Upham definitely a Q? No. It’s been interpreted online as a Q, G, CC, a lock and a polar clock. Such is the ambiguity of crop circles.

Let’s sum this up…

We have a crop circle that’s apparently a copy but — oddly for a copy — has both a different border and different central design to the alleged original. By being totally different from the ‘original’ this circle is glorifying a totally moronic conspiracy theory and enabling people to say it was the Jews with their space lasers.

Of course it does, Nurit Nardi.