Psychic Aliens Upset ‘Team’ One Watt

What with accusations of copying, anti-Semitism and QAnon related nonsense following in the wake of the Upham circle, it was inevitable that certain individuals would RAGE following the discovery of a rather weather battered formation at Tufton, Hampshire.

BLATANT COPY! stropped Dene ‘Spud’ Hine, the leader of the one-amoeba show that is ‘Team’ Ten Watt, supported by fellow crop circle brain Dan Davies under his Frack Off identity on Facebook. All of the usual crass insults followed as the pair spent a good few hours sulking, lashing out, stropping, moping, crying, whining, being generally obnoxious and hoping someone, anyone, would listen. 

‘Go eat some baked beans an’ try think pro schemes,’ wittered Davies nonsensically like he was waiting to be let into the Scout Hut for Tuesday night Cubs.

Many tears were shed before things eventually calmed down. Nonetheless, King Edward Hine clearly feels someone has copied his design. 

So is it a copy?

The Croppie is unaware of any design Hine has splashed across social media that looks anything like the Tufton formation. Perhaps it was something new that Hine posted after concealing his Instagram account from public consumption within the last week? If this is the case then he’d be best served considering how the Tufton formation has clearly seen better days. It is visibly damaged by the elements … most likely storm damage from the torrential rain and strong winds that hit Hampshire a few weeks back.

So how can it be a ‘copy’ of Spud’s design? Are the aliens psychic? No matter, expect Hine to continue feeling hard done by, keeping the pity-party and attention seeking going.

It’s just flattened corn, Spud. Remember that.