The name Watership Down teems with the conflicting imagery of childhood trauma and the beautiful Hampshire countryside. For The Croppie it holds a mystical attraction. That same place has also become the unexpected site of a small pictogram type crop circle, so The Croppie decided to finally pay a visit to this part of rural Hampshire.

Photography by Nick Bull

Having parked up at the side of the deeply sloping field of greyish-brown wheat, The Croppie immediately noticed the quiet of the location. No distant drone of traffic. Occasional birdsong. The far off whirr of a combine harvester coming and going on the breeze. As peaceful a location you could possibly hope to find in southern England.

A few walkers whispered as they clustered around their cars, respecting the ambience. If they’d noticed the circle they weren’t telling. The Croppie suspects they were unaware … it’s not the sort of formation that screams it’s there. Instead, it just blends in quietly with the rest of the crop on the steep hillside and its curves could be mistaken, from afar, for quirky tramlines.

Crop circles like this are few and far between in the 21st century.

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