Davies Gets Copying … Hine Gets Threatening

Only a day or two ago The Croppie was questioning whether mediocre hoaxer Dan Davies could be dumb enough to publicly announce his intention to hit the fields then actually do it. It seems the answer could well be yes.

This appeared on Facebook on the evening of 23 August 2021:

. .

A video later followed on YouTube. Predictably, the location of the circle has been witheld. Nonetheless, the last time Davies did this he unwittingly earned The Croppie what now stands at £527. 

Here’s the somewhat shaky circle. It certainly does possess a strong similarity to the formation at Bishop’s Sutton, Hampshire from last year:

The skeletons are near identical. But, hey, it must be pure coincidence as Davies certainly doesn’t do copies. Looking closely, Davies doesn’t do smooth, accurate arcs either; he’s produced a good case study for those who think humans cannot produce decent circles.

Of more interest than the formation is talk of the private messages sent by Davies’s ‘mentor’ Dene Hine to one particular photographer, making threats should they dare film the dodgy five-fold.

Is anyone excepted to be are intimidated by Hine anymore? We are all now very aware how Dene is proficient at huffing, puffing and recycling hot air. Lots of noise, no action.

Congratulations, Dene. You have taken over the mantle of croppie blowhard previously occupied by Matthew Williams. In fact…

Competing Without Credibility

It’s that damn circle making competition again; the one that a man called Richard Skerman claims to be funding with Bitcoin. This fellow uses cryptocurrency like a carrot dangling on the end of a stick — a prize he feels circle makers will find irresistible.

Now Skerman is suggesting he could double the competition prize money should Bitcoin reach a far higher value. He’s also promising to donate some of the budget to charity. It’s all very grand. But nothing has changed.

This post by Circlrmakers.org’s Wil Russell neatly summarises the credibility problem Skerman possesses:

Nonetheless, Skerman has been advertising the competition across social media.

Predictably, support has come from the usual quarters of numbskullery who are talking of foreign participants and television coverage! If there’s anything positive to be said it’s that they’ve got good imaginations. Perhaps HRH will be giving out the prizes?

You have to wonder where this is going to end. Maybe we really will see a competition of some kind? Dene and Dan in a wet field competing for a plastic trophy and a party bag of Haribos?