Another Dorset Mess

If you follow The Croppie you’ll know we cover the dross defecated onto the fields of Dorset and Somerset by Dan Davies and Dene Hine respectively. The former has, without any irony at all, called himself one of ‘the world’s best land artists’ and the latter actually believes he’s better than that. Neither of these simpletons can criticise anyone else given the slop that has retrospectively slipped out via the Jurassic Drone YouTube channel. It’s a stunning mix of five-fold and four-fold geometry certainly befitting the ‘iconic’ standards of the deluded, subnormal criminals. They probably think it’s the best of 2021.

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Why would anyone want the world to see this mess … unless they’ve no shame?

The Croppie has been informed that Jurassic Drone is run by Davies which, if true, makes it clearer than ever that quality control doesn’t appear to be an issue in Dorset … just make a mess and be proud of it. 

You just have to wonder which of these morons will win the £30,000 or so Bitcoin supposedly up for grabs in Richard Skerman’s 2022 Crop Circle Competition. Perhaps Richard is starting to realise he’s fallen in with shameless chimps who talk a good game but produce absolutely nothing beyond giggles.

Skerman To Take On The Circles World

Then again, perhaps Skerman will never realise. A recent succession of comments on Facebook suggest he’s definitely ignorant to the realities of circle making or is suffering some sort of brain injury. Maybe both. 

Despite courting the ‘world’s best’ circle makers who are incapable of producing anything resembling a finished crop circle devoid of glaring errors, Skerman has laughably called out the legendary Chilbolton face and Arecibo reply circles as ‘simple dot matrix’ works. 

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Here’s a clueless fool.

Time for you to pick up the plank, Richard, and get out there and show the world what you can do. How hard can it be? It’s only flattened crop.

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The face and Arecibo reply formations at Chilbolton, Hampshire, 2001. Photograph by Steve Alexander

The Croppie looks forward to seeing Skerman’s efforts. In the meantime he is doing a fine job of embarrassing himself.