Competition Organiser: ‘I Realise Now I Was Deluded’

In news that will shock absolutely nobody, the 2022 Crop Circle Making Competition has been cancelled. Things didn’t seem to be going well yesterday when organiser Richard Skerman posted an appeal for competitors to step forward.

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Richard Skerman appeals for entrants … only 12 out of 12 places left to fill.

So that’s zero out of twelve places occupied? Enter’s Wil Russell to be the one to finally get through to Richard that no circle makers beyond those craving fame and fortune would be prepared to enter.

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For all of the talk and bravado he’s put up as a front, Skerman just sorta crumbled. ‘I realise now I was deluded,’ the former lifeboat hero whimpered. Good for him for having the heart to admit he misjudged the situation.

Of course, the usual suspects weren’t happy. Team Irrelevant’s Dene Hine took time away from circling the plug hole and whined ‘Some teams won’t be part of it because they want to keep the woo mystery alive’. No hun, some teams wouldn’t lower themselves to stepping into a field with you regardless of whether the one Bitcoin first prize was real or, as in this case, a figment of Skerman’s imagination. 

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Unprovoked dig #692630210273739218

Meanwhile, a random cadaver cried because the circle makers Skerman wanted to out refused to take the bait:

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That’s right, blame the people who refused to take part because they could see what a ridiculous scam the proposed competition was. Why have a brain when it’s easier to be dazzled by promises of big prizes that almost certainly don’t exist? 

Well, so much for the competition. So much for the ‘world’s best’ competing against each other. Nonetheless, the very idea of the competition and the naivety with which it was proposed made The Croppie smile. If there’s a lesson to be learned it’s that an outsider can’t expect to arrive on the scene, promise the world and expect to be treated with anything other than scepticism. We’ve seen and heard it all before. Richard, you’re best off following Wil’s advice: ‘forget it ever happened’. The Croppie doesn’t hold this escapade against you.