Circle Maker Deiniol Davies Threatens To Rape Female Croppie

Jun 2, 2022 | Croppie Gossip | 2 comments

Words fail The Croppie sometimes. 

Circle maker Deiniol Davies — otherwise known as Dan Davies — has used the medium of Facebook to threaten sexual violence against a female croppie, saying he ‘would hate Fuxk her to submission’. Given he is aware there is no way the female would consent, he is threatening rape. He also used the same Facebook thread to threaten physical violence against her. 

Davies, who lives in Broadstone, Dorset can hoist himself with his own petard:

Threats of sexual or physical violence against any person in the crop circle world are entirely unacceptable. They are unacceptabe in all arenas.

It goes without saying that Davies has been trying to cover his own tracks. First, he suggested that threatening a ‘hate Fuxk’ against a non-consenting female does not equate to a rape threat. Maybe at the bottom of the lowest sewer in Broadstone, chump. Is this boy — for that is what he is — really so unintelligent? Most definitely. 

Second, Davies deleted the posts in question from Facebook. Now, why would he do that? Unfortunately, at least for him, we have the screencaps. We also possess the screenshots of his recent abuse of another female croppie in which he describes her as a ‘c–t’. 

Do we notice a pattern of misogyny here?