2022 Circles: Christian’s Cross, Kingweston, Somerset

Jul 16, 2022 | 2022 Season | 0 comments

Photograph by Dave Dobbs


Date Reported: 13 June 2022 (approximately)
Location: Christian’s Cross, Kingweston, Somerset

Here’s a curious tale demonstrating the perceived intrigue that envelopes croppiedom.

In mid-June The Croppie received reports from members of the public about two crop circles in Somerset. The Croppie asked for help with the first report and someone was kind enough to produce footage showing the ‘crop circle’ to be severe lodging (crop damage) in a field.

The second report was more interesting, following a few days after a ground level photo of a crop circle was shared online by the administrator of a Facebook group notorious as a lair for convicted criminals, addicts, would-be rapists and simpletons. 

Photograph by ‘Iva Hardon’ (ho, ho, ho!).

Recognising that this same person had previously allowed fake crop circle reports to be posted in his group, The Croppie viewed this image with suspicion. It didn’t look Photoshopped, but could it have been a circle from the past that went wrong and was never made public? Possibly. Furthermore, no location was given … something that is always suspicious. Then, without explanation the image was removed. 

When The Croppie was directly contacted by a reader with co-ordinates for the very same circle we viewed this report with extreme scepticism. The correspondent was rather pushy, demanding we go and take photos of the alleged formation. Once upon a time we would have gone; but petrol costs, time constraints, a five hour round trip, and suspicions as to what we probably would  not find led us to give it a miss. 

Come 16 July and The Croppie was made aware of an overly-intense YouTube video released by one ‘Dave Dobbs’ showing what has to be the circle from the photograph:

From watching the video we think it’s safe to say the circle’s construction didn’t quite go to plan in the field. The design … well … it also seems somewhat familiar:

So, make of this crop circle what you will. What we do know for sure is that it was made in barley and so there is a strong possibility it has now been harvested.