The Cars of the Circle Makers?

Sep 29, 2022 | Crop Circle Misconceptions | 1 comment

Look closely at this photograph of the 2022 crop circle at Micheldever Station in Hampshire. It’s at the centre of a moron’s illusions.

You see, the vehicles on the right in the photograph are alleged to be those belonging to the circle makers. 

The Croppie really thinks the circle makers would have to be a rare combination of unintelligent, deluded and braindead to allow their vehicles appear in a photograph of their work some time after they’d left the field. This is, afterall, Hampshire and not Dorset where such stupidity has no bounds.

Furthermore, look closely at the photograph and what do you notice? The layby is on the opposite side of the A303 dual carriageway to the field containing the circle. Given the volume of traffic that passes along this stretch of road at all hours of day and night, do you really think the circle makers would cross four lanes, a tree-lined central reservation and then walk up a slip road? Then do the same again when they’ve finished? What kind of idiot would suggest such a laughable scenario? Oh wait, a simple loser with delusions of grandeur from Dorset.

Oh, but why were the vehicles edited out in another version of the same photograph? It must be a conspiracy? There’s no smoke without fire, surely? Ummm. No. They were removed as the photographer thought they distracted from the original. 

Of course, your average halfwit will go on believing these are the vehicles of the circle makers in this image. Let him drown under the weight of the concrete between his ears. Father, bless us for having to suffer life with a fool such as this.