Croppie Gossip: Enzo Asks Circle Makers For Help

Apr 12, 2023 | Croppie Gossip | 3 comments

He may be telling the world he makes crop circles with the help of supernatural orbs, but The Croppie can exclusively reveal that fame hungry Lawrence ‘Enzo Brabazon’ Gibson has been messaging human circle makers in an attempt to secure their help with making his designs. 

On Tuesday 11 April, 2023 a circle maker was contacted by Gibson from one of his Enzo Brabazon Facebook accounts.

‘Could you help Prince Enzo make his Croppie Fairytales come true?’ Brabazon asked before posting a mock-up Google Earth photo of a crop circle in a field which appears to contain his name. ‘An ENZcircle,’ he continued before starting ‘I tried at Silbury Hill but it didn’t go so well. Hehehe.’

The implications here are two-fold. Firstly, Gibson is asking for help to illegally make or invite the making of a crop circle, presumably for the much publicised field watch he is conducting in the area of Hackpen Hill in May 2023.

Secondly, Gibson seemingly has admitted — once again — to causing criminal damage at Silbury Hill in 2021 with the creation of this circle.

Now, if Enzo really is the paranormal phenomenon he believes he is, just why is he courting the favour of human circle makers in 2023? Surely he can do it with his magical orbs?

The Croppie repeats what it said to Enzo in 2021: You stand as a lesson to anyone who comes to the crop circles seeking fame and attention. It almost always ends in a trainwreck. Once you cross the line and become a circle maker you have an overriding responsibility to stay quiet. When you don’t, this is the sort of mess you’ll stir up.

Some attention starved idiots never seem to learn.