2023 Circles: Eastleigh Court Groundshots

Jun 21, 2023 | 2023 Season | 0 comments


Date Reported: 18 June 2023
Location: Eastleigh Court, Bishopstrow, Warminster, Wiltshire

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On this specific crop circle, from an Instagram account with a name I have forgotten:

The geometry is so well planned and executed , it brings tears of joy to my geometer’s eyes. I have no idea who or what constructs these marvels but there is no way that God (with a capital G) didn’t have a say in this. In my eyes this is a sign of the Divine. No words can do it justice.


Photograph by Kris Malford.

We expected groundshots of this crop circle to be hard to come by as the farmer at Bishopstrow was exceedingly unhappy when he learnt of this formation.

Nonetheless, I was blissfully unaware when I went to visit and nobody challenged those of us inside the circle. It was only after leaving the field and walking around to speak to a drone flyer that I noticed the barbed wire and sign on the gate.

A contact spoke to a young relative of the farmer who suggested the circle may be cut out. At time of writing we have heard the circle remains intact and the farmer may be accepting donations for admission.


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