2023 Circles: Allan King Way, Owslebury Groundshots

Jul 9, 2023 | 2023 Season | 0 comments


Date Reported: 26 June 2023
Location: Allan King Way, Owslebury, nr Winchester, Hampshire

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The crop circle at Owslebury gathered a lot of attention from croppies the weekend after its appearance. This proved a pleasant surprise at formations in Hampshire seem a lot less visited than their Wiltshire counterparts. Perhaps it is because Wiltshire has been the epicentre of the phenomenon for so long, but let’s never forget that Hampshire is where things began.

Photograph by Crop Circle Explorer

Outside of the busy formation, it was possible to trek uphill through the field of mature oilseed rape plants on the Allan King Way. From three quarters of the way up it was possible to turn around and see the unmistakable (though indecipherable) outline of a crop circle in front of you. 

Photograph by Crop Circle Explorer

Peculiarly, the farmer has now dumped a pile of manure in the formation in an attempt to discourage tourists from dropping by. On the testimony of subsequent visitors, the farmer’s plan doesn’t seem to have worked. 

Photograph by Crop Circle Explorer


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