2023 Circles: Cakebole Lane, Rushock, Worcestershire

Jul 17, 2023 | 2023 Season | 0 comments


Date Reported: 16 July 2023
Location: Cakebole Lane, Rushock, nr Droitwich, Worcestershire

Photograph by Kris Malford

Almost 33 years to the day since the legendary East Field pictogram appeared close to the twin villages of Alton Barnes and Alton Priors, its form has appeared 85 miles to the north in tiny Rushock, Worcestershire. This placement may seem random, but the East Field pictogram was used on the cover of legendary rock band Led Zeppelin’s Remasters album. Zeppelin’s late drummer John Bonham is buried in the churchyard at Rushock, his grave situated on the hilltop that overlooks the field where the new crop circle has appeared. 

The grave of John Bonham. Photograph by Hannah Kathleen.

As you might expect, allegations have surfaced that this circle was a paid-for commission. The Croppie has investigated and there appears to be no proof of this whatsoever. We suggest croppies take this formation for what it is: a reproduction, remaster, even, of the most iconic crop circle of all time. 

Photograph by Kris Malford


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