2023 Circles: Hatherden Lane Groundshots

Jul 27, 2023 | 2023 Season | 0 comments


Date Reported: 26 July 2023
Location: Hatherden Lane, Charlton, nr Andover, Hampshire

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Photograph by Hannah Kathleen

It’s good to see some wonderful photos showing people enjoying a crop circle, even in the rotten weather we’re currently experiencing. Given all of the nonsense you can read on social media — which is something The Croppie now doesn’t do unless pointed to it by third parties — photos like these make you remember what made us croppies-at-the-coalface in the first place. Crop circles should bring you pleasure, excitement, wonder and enjoyment. Otherwise, what is the point?

At time of writing, the farmer isn’t stopping visitors and tourists from entering the formation. We hope it continues and brings him good fortune.