2023 Circles: Barton Stacey Belt (2), South Wonston, nr Winchester, Hampshire

Aug 15, 2023 | 2023 Season | 0 comments


Date Reported: 15 August 2023
Location: Barton Stacey Belt, South Wonston, nr Winchester, Hampshire

It isn’t often we learn of a crop circle so late in the day, but we’ve been sent details of a previously undiscovered circle close to the existing formation at Barton Stacey Belt.

Photograph by Hannah Kathleen

It’s no more than a ring surrounding a circle, a smaller sibling to what was described as a ‘minimal masterpiece’ at Cley Hill not too long ago. We imagine this won’t be described in such gushing tones by a very odd man from the other side of the world as he jumps to yet another erroneous conclusion.

Photograph by Crop Circle Explorer