Croppie Gossip: I Made This Etc., Ad Nauseum (Part Two)

Aug 21, 2023 | Croppie Gossip | 0 comments

Back in February we ran a feature on the self-proclaimed ‘best ever circle maker’, Dene Hine, and his narcissistic trait of endlessly reposting photos of his crop circles in the Official Crop Circles UK group on Facebook. We have been asked for an update as to what has happened since that article was published, so hang on in here…

From word that got back to The Croppie, Hine definitely saw the article which was intended as a friendly pointer to the bizarre manner in which he’s presenting himself. Indeed, the endless repostings of his crop circles at Ansty and Sixpenny Handley slowed down … at least for a while … and we saw some diversity enter his output. It’s just that there was rather a lot of it.

Here are some raw figures of the posts Hine started within CCUK from 1 March to 19 August 2023 (when our statistician quit to become a spiritualist minister) that included formations Hine has claimed as his own:

March – 27
April – 38
May – 37
June – 38
July – 44
1 – 19 August – 37

Our former statistician notes that flurries of posts tended to follow the arrival of new crop circles that weren’t made by Hine’s friends, as if he was trying to bury unwelcome news. He surely wouldn’t do that? And why would someone incessantly post images of their own work at least once a day? A good father would put their arm around their son and tell them that there’s more to life than fame in a tiny corner of social media. Even then, the father should point out that half of the people commenting don’t believe a bloody word their son is saying.

So, just what has Hine been posting? Here are the top two posts for each month, with the number of posts in brackets

March – Badbury Rings 2017 (4), Kingston Coombes 2009 (3)
April – a collage of circles (4), Wroughton 2009 (3)
May – Sixpenny Handley 2018 (4), Stonehenge 2016 (4), ‘Angel’ at undisclosed location 2020 (3), Fovant 2018 (3)
June – Muncombe Hill 2018 (5), Sixpenny Handley 2018 (5), Ansty 2016 (4)
July – Ansty 2016 (7), Yarnbury Castle 2018 (5)
1-19 August – Ansty 2016 (4), Hackpen Hill commission 2022 (3)

Well, it seems that old habits die hard. The dislike of being called out in February for the endless reposting of Sixpenny Handley 2018 and Ansty 2016 seems to have faded. Altogether, between 1 March and 19 August 23, Ansty has been posted a whopping 18 times, with Sixpenny Handley 11 times.

Normal service has been resumed and you have to ask what motive — beyond ego and a desperate need for attention — someone could have for repetitively spamming their crop circles. Hine has said it is to expose snakes, but that doesn’t add up given he’s just posting photos. He’s also said it is for new members in the group to see his circles … well, yes, it’s that desire for attention again.