Croppie Gossip: And The Winner Is …

Aug 24, 2023 | Croppie Gossip | 0 comments

When not flirting with the ex-partner of a former circle-making colleague, when not putting a brave face on slipping from Chinese television and National Geographic to a paid for advertising feature in the Swindon Advertiser (and not even getting a mention), and when not endlessly posting photographs of his crop circles to boost his fragile ego, hapless plank scuffer Dene Hine has been letting crop circles get in the way of his holiday under the deep blue skies of beautiful Cornwall. 

First of all, the recent circle at Kitt’s Lane near West Meon has caused Hine to well up and start another flood in Boscastle.

Here’s a photo of people enjoying that formation. 

Photograph by Hugh Newman

Sadly, any happiness the circles used to bring Hine left him long ago…

Rather than be pleased that people are continuing to enjoy crop circles, Hine took to the Crop Circles UK Group on Facebook to whine. You see, the Kitt’s Lane formation brought back a major trauma from Hine’s past. He believes it was one of two circles from 2021 that featured design elements stolen from him. To lash out, Hine made a lame threat to the team he believed were responsible:

I’m sure that team are quaking at the words of a man who wears sunglasses to hide an ever growing, seriously disfiguring growth under his eye. You can picture the scene now … ‘It was him who punched me — the chap with the red table tennis ball on his face.” No, they’re definitely not quaking, just laughing at a man who looks increasingly more desperate for fame with each passing hour: you. We expect they know full well, Dene, that the threat will be realised with you crying online, continuing to name names, feeling hard done-by and making up preposterous lies that they contacted your employer. They take your threats no more seriously than they take your claims to greatness. You’ve been using the same tactics for eleven years now. It has become no more than background noise. They see you as a figure of fun and nothing more. 

Anyhow, for posterity, here’s the circle that made Hine cry. On the basis of what follows you’ll see they’ve done a better job than Hine could hope to.

. .

Photograph by Hugh Newman

Should Hine wish to direct his anger he would be best served to look at his co-admin on Crop Circles UK: Mark Gilbert. We have it on extremely good authority that Gilbert, otherwise known as The Hampshire Flyer, was responsible for the apparently stolen design element which, as a brief Google will reveal, had probably been lifted straight from the internet.

From there, Hine decided to get into an argument over the merits of the art work of a circle maker who happens to be vastly superior in ability. This individual correctly observed of Hine’s persistent boasting and circle-claiming online:

You can see the impact you [Hine] claiming everything has — largely people vocalise their disdain for you and your work. You may get it one day, it does nothing for the circles.

Ouch! Said circle maker is correct. By boasting about his work, Hine is doing himself a fantastic job of alienating himself from the very people whose approval he seeks. Intelligence isn’t his thing, though. It’s also hilarious that Hine boasts so much given his most recent output is of a low quality best described by a blog entry from Miles Challett that you can read by clicking here. It is like watching a boxer who had a couple of good wins getting worse and worse as the years go by, but never for once contemplating that his glory days are far behind him. It probably isn’t a fair analogy though as the boxer had to perform all by himself; Hine has ridden on the backs of others better than him and claimed their work as his own. He is a bit of a leech. A parasite.

But it hasn’t all been bad news and misery for Dene. As the hours of his holiday were slipping by, he made a trip to visit some sand circle makers:

How Hine must have loved that write-up. And if you haven’t already clicked that Miles Challett link, please do so here as you’ll see just what it takes to be ‘one of the great crop circle designers of our time!’

As for ‘award winning’, what awards has he won? Worst footwear? Most unsightly facial growth? Largest weight gain by a circle maker? Most deluded man in croppiedom? Nope. Not those … somehow. He’s never even won Top of the Croppies here at this website. In fact, we’ve done a thorough Google search and Hine has won nothing but a court case after he was assaulted by someone for having pink hair. Still, ‘award winning’ he is and he will get a special prize to be revealed at the end of the year in our Top of the Croppies. In the meantime, we look forward to more of his arrogant foolishness and endless tears.