Croppie Gossip: It’s Acceptable To Slap Female Croppies?

Aug 25, 2023 | Croppie Gossip, Dene Hine | 0 comments

Oh. It seems our previous article about circle maker Dene Hine wasting his holiday obsessing about other croppies has hit a raw nerve. He’s furious and he’s throwing names around. 

Rather than live blog his meltdown where he’s laughably raging on about liars and paedophiles and police investigations, all of which we’ve heard before on numerous occasions, it is worth taking the time to comment on just one aspect of it: his suggestion, as a grown man, that a female croppie deserves a slap. What a big fella he is.

Hine is crying about a female artist selling paintings of crop circles he claims he’s made. He lacks the brainpower to appreciate that if he’s claiming these two illegally made crop circles as his own then he’s admitting to criminal damage. And so what if she’s selling paintings? Why shouldn’t she? (It’s hardly as if Hine has never taken the work of other people on his Hinesight Creations page and claimed it as his own.)

Things then take a turn for the worse:

Yes, Hine is advocating violence against a woman for the sin of painting a crop circle Hine claims to have made. What next … she should be clubbed when she sells one?  

We shouldn’t be surprised as to Hine’s free mention of violence against women. In 2012 he was in court in Monmouthshire on a charge of battery against a woman, although it was thrown out due to a lack of evidence. This was the same trial in which he was convicted on a count of fraud by deception against the same woman. 

Certainly, not all men in the crop circle world feel it is appropriate to suggest any woman in 2023 ‘deserves a slap’. That Hine thinks this is the case says a lot about a pitiable individual who continues to crave attention and has issues controlling his emotions. Anyhow, we’ll leave him to enjoy the rest of holiday and spend it crying online in a desperate bid to gain likes from strangers.