Video: BBC Daytime Live 1989

Aug 26, 2023 | Video | 0 comments

1989 was the year in which crop circles passed from the fringes of the news to a major national story. Much of this was down to BBC’s flagship Daytime Live television show and an incident involving some sound equipment. We’ve found two videos on YouTube featuring circles related extracts from Daytime Live.

The first clip is the best, featuring cerealogists Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado in a crop circle with a BBC recording team. We learn that the sound man experienced issues with his equipment in the circle, leading to a rather entertaining back and forth with Delgado on the cause and precise location of the problem. Next, Colin Andrews explains a possible reason for the circles’ appearance in full-on New Age messiah mode, then we go to the Pebble Mill studio where the cerealogists discuss various suggestions as to the circles’ orgins.

Clip number two features Labour MP Denis Healey talking about his perspective on crop circles and the quintuplet that appeared close to his home in East Sussex.