2020 Circles: White Hill, Pitton, Wiltshire

Oct 4, 2023 | 2019 Season | 0 comments

Photograph from Google Maps


Date Reported: Undiscovered by public, discovered on Google Maps in October 2023
Location: White Hill, Pitton, Wiltshire

Very recently, The Croppie was contacted by one of our regular contributors about a discovery they had made of what seems to be a previously unreported crop circle on Google Maps. It was located at Pitton, near Salisbury in Wiltshire, and seemed from the overhead to be a little off kilter. We had no details as to the date of its appearance.

We were curious to learn a little more about this formation and got in touch with a few people whom we hoped would be able to provide some answers. 

White Hill, Pitton, Wiltshire. If only the makers had put their drone up at first light they wouldn’t have wasted anyone else’s time …

Fortunately, our enquiries proved fruitful and we even managed to get access to a daylight overhead of the circle (above). From what we were told, the circle was put down at some point in 2020. The maker was apparently one Mark Gilbert who was extremely insistent that the circle be photographed. According to our source, Gilbert described this circle as ‘his best’ and ‘the best of the year’. If that’s true then there really is no hope for him. Is it any wonder Gilbert’s circle making career came to a pathetic end when not even his friends in Team One Watt, led by the equally self-important Dene Hine, were prepared to take him out in a field?

If you’re wondering why the crop looks a bit weird, we think it may have been one of the thin, hybrid varieties of barley that have become increasingly popular in Wiltshire and Hampshire over the past few years. The crop is mainly used for animal bedding and is more resistant to wind and rain damage than the types most regularly targeted by crop circle makers.