Croppie Gossip: On Those ‘Jealous Circle Makers’

Nov 24, 2023 | Croppie Gossip, Dene Hine | 0 comments

The Crop Circles UK Group is the dumb gift that keeps on giving, like something you’d buy in one of those long closed joke shops that disappeared in the 1980s. Once again, the top source is, well, … Dene Hine. And we have two specials for you. 



We need say nothing more about the dumbassery of this comment, except that we remember the last time Hine got into a fight. That really didn’t end well for him.

This latest public display now adds to an impressive back catalogue that includes, but is not restricted to a criminal conviction for fraud by deception; stealing the work of other circle makers and claiming it as his own at his Hinesight Creations Faceebook page; telling people he’d been to the police because he’d been harrassed by certain individuals, only to then rage about them on Facebook shortly after; working with a farmer at Ansty to fool people that an advert for a bong maker was a ‘genuine’ crop circle; advocating violence against a well-known female croppie; continued harrassment of a female croppie; sharing abusive videos to harrass third parties, in which the faces of minors are clearly visible; transphobia; leaving comments falsely accusing a croppie of paedophilia.


If that wasn’t enough, Team Ten Watt’s Hine has also left a curious post related to a crop circle from 2020. This formation at Ackling Dyke, near Sixpenny Handley, was vandalised at some point after Hine’s friend Frank Smithland arrived to take aerial photos:

Rather than blame the farmer or idiotic randoms, as most observers would, Hine has interestingly chosen to state ‘this is what happened when other circle makers got jealous’.

If all this seems familiar then it is probably because we covered the matter at the time, albeit in a less than serious fashion. Regardless, the accusation just doesn’t add up.

First, why would any circle maker be jealous of a crop circle with such an abundance of errors? Nevermind the sawn off triangle tips on the circumference, the alignment issues speak for themselves in the following image:

This circle is a good advertisement as to why using laser mounted on a tripod with a 360 degree marked band around its neck can be a bad idea. It’s not particularly wise to subdivide a circle in 14 equal sections using this method. Each step should have 25.71 degress between them. You’re never going to achieve the accuracy. Such is the appearance of this circle, in design as well as execution, it has been referred to as the waste disposal unit. If any circle maker is proud to have made this mess, or if any circle maker is jealous of it, they deserve to be assessed by a professional in the field of psychiatry.

So, whodunnit? This is what everyone wants to know.

Hine and his lap-pup Deiniol ‘Dan’ Davies have made allusions to one particular circle maker in the past. As stated at the time, the notion that this person would make a four-hour-plus round trip of 180 miles, before a day’s work, to damage a circle is laughable — especially as June is a month when it doesn’t become truly dark until somewhere between 10.45 and 11pm. Furthermore, to quote Davies at the time: ‘beer cans and rubbish was [sic] found nearby showing evidence of drunk idiots attacking this beautiful piece of land art.’ The accused does not drink alcohol. Interestingly, a drunk Davies, complete with accompanying familiars, was observed at a crop circle close to Stanton St Bernard in the not too distant past, merrily discarding litter (including beer cans) for other visitors to ‘enjoy’.

Furthermore, we know this circle would have been far more damaging to the maker if left untouched. You don’t suppose that someone within Team Ten Watt realised what a shit show this circle was and asked a third party to do him a favour? Who could that be? Ummm … How about X or Y? We can’t possibly say.

Could it be that Hine, knowing the Crop Circle Connector was on the trail of the circle, wanted to stop it getting a good photo? Indeed, the formation was discovered in its trashed state by the Connector‘s photographer the following day. This was at a time when Hine had publicly stated, ‘My main aim of 2020 is to bring the truth. This year you will only see crop circles that are made by teams to be flown by people to continue the mystery. None of my creations will be available to these people. If and when I create my art it will be exclusive.’

Here’s the screenshot:

Isn’t defacing one of your own (very bad) pieces a good way to give yourself that exclusivity? Nobody else can get decent photgraphs to work with. Those of a suspicious disposition surely noted that during the preceding weeks Hine had created a rather infantile ‘angel’ crop circle as a tribute to the NHS. He deliberately withheld the location of the circle and was furious when it was discovered at Kingdon, Somerset, by the Crop Circle Connector. Now, ask yourselves how can you stop a website you don’t like from rendering your crop circle non-exclusive? How do you stop something like events at Kingdon from occurring again?

We will leave you to ponder this conundrum.