Croppie Gossip: Shameless Parasites

Dec 27, 2023 | Croppie Gossip, Dene Hine | 0 comments

Further to the recent speculation over the fate of croppie Janet Ossebaard, it would appear that her death has, sadly, been confirmed.

It should be enough to be respectful, but it seems not everyone can do that.

Both Dene Hine and Hamish Jacobs have shamelessly used the news to place themselves under the spotlight, the latter eulogising Ossebaard with ‘sadness, and dismay’. It’s a self-centred exhibition of falsified grief, especially as Jacobs has spewed more than enough bile through the years towards researchers who share similar, supernatural based beliefs to Ossebaard.

As for Hine, he took the opportunity to big himself up, observing that Ossebaard had been inside one of the circles he claimed to have made.

Accompanying Hine’s words were images of the circle in question, alongside candid topless photos of the recently deceased. It’s astonishingly crass behaviour — that of a total creep — though it echoes the deaths of croppies Doug Bower, Poppy Plain and Gary Howe, all of which were seized upon by Hine as a chance to self-promote.

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