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Croppie Gossip: 19 October 2021

Another Dorset Mess If you follow The Croppie you’ll know we cover the dross defecated onto the fields of Dorset and Somerset by Dan Davies and Dene Hine respectively. The former has, without any irony at all, called himself one of ‘the world’s best land artists’ and the latter actually believes he’s better than that. Neither of these simpletons can criticise anyone else given the slop that has retrospectively slipped out via the Jurassic Drone YouTube channel. It’s a stunning mix of five-fold and four-fold geometry certainly befitting the ‘iconic’ standards of the deluded, subnormal criminals. They probably think...

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Croppie Gossip: 6 October 2021

The Goldmine Of Nonsense Here at The Croppie we spat our drinks out and rolled around laughing when we read a Facebook post discussing the now defunct Crop Circle Wisdom website. A ‘brilliant truthfull [sic] goldmine of information’ one person called it. Having picked ourselves off the floor we think it’s best to brand such a glowing testimonial as, at best, delivered with one foot in the realm of fantasy or delusion. Croppies unaware of CCW should know it was a website that ran between 2008ish and 2019. In brief, it centred around one man, Andrew Pyrka, and his...

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Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe: Crop Circles

If you’re familiar with reality television you’ll have stumbled across Scarlett Moffatt, a very chatty and lively young woman from the North East of England. The BBC have provided her with her own podcast, Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe, to explore some of the weirdest talking points, beliefs and conspiracies in contemporary culture. Of course, crop circles were always going to get a mention, especially as the BBC has a history with this sort of thing. Anyone else remember when Danny Dyer came face to face with the two of the circle making fraternity’s biggest attention seekers? Anyhow, back...

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2021 Circles: Todwick, Nr Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Reported: 30 August 2021Location: Todwick, Nr Sheffield, South YorkshireLead photograph by Steel City Drone Pilot Just when it seemed the harvest had been all but completed down comes another crop circle. It’s good to see them appearing beyond the usual areas of Wiltshire and Hampshire. Photograph by Steel City Drone Pilot Steel City Drone Pilot provides us with a video that’s cute and, as ever, different from the usual stuff. The Croppie understands the field has now been...

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2021 Circles: Wilmington Long Man, East Sussex

Reported: 14 August 2021Location: Wilmington Long Man, Wilmington, East Sussex Photograph by Zabot A formation of sorts that had slipped through the net. These small circles were found close to the Long Man hill carving at Wilmington. The Croppie has been unable to track down any additional information or photographs related to this...

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Croppie Gossip: 25 August 2021

Don’t Blame Me For the Crap Circle … Blame The Energies We’re four calendar months away from Christmas but the Messiah has come early. Entry level hoaxer Dan Davies has entered the room in flowing white robes to share the meaning of the messy crop circle he released a couple of days back. ‘The message,’ quoth Davies on social media, ‘is everything goes full circle and some people are just hanging on the edge and there is a star in the middle. Not my words but the words of the higher energies transported from another dimension via the circle...

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Croppie Gossip: 24 August 2021

Davies Gets Copying … Hine Gets Threatening Only a day or two ago The Croppie was questioning whether mediocre hoaxer Dan Davies could be dumb enough to publicly announce his intention to hit the fields then actually do it. It seems the answer could well be yes. This appeared on Facebook on the evening of 23 August 2021: A video later followed on YouTube. Predictably, the location of the circle has been witheld. Nonetheless, the last time Davies did this he unwittingly earned The Croppie what now stands at £527.  Here’s the somewhat shaky circle. It certainly does possess...

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2021 Circles: More Longwood Warren Groundshots

When The Croppie first visited the circle at Longwood Warren it was on a wet, cold afternoon. Chance finally allowed a return in fading light shortly before harvest. As the sun quickly went down The Croppie was able to grab a few photos. Click on the photo below to view the images… Should a circle appear at Longwood Warren in the future do take the time to visit on a warm evening. The sense of place is incredible: sweeping fields and a landscape that falls away to the south. It’s stunning....

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Croppie Gossip: 22 August 2021

Dorset Crop Circle Incoming … Possibly Sometimes there really are no words that can adequately describe things. Take the following exhibit from this morning. It’s taken from a Facebook group called ‘Dorset Landscapes’. Yes, you read that right. Davies has apparently seen the photo of a field, announced a crop circle and, best of all, wants to know where the field is. Really? Is even Davies that dim? Surely not. There Will Be No Competition Talking of things with potentially horrendous endings, Richard Skerman’s Crop Circle Making Competition 2022 now has a Facebook presence. First to join up were...

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Croppie Gossip: 20 August 2021

Who’s Up For A Circle Making Competition? On Crop Circles UK croppie Richard Skerman has written of his wish to conduct a circle making competition in 2022. Apparently he’s going to cover the costs himself with Bitcoin. Yeah yeah. But let’s give the man a chance. The last time something like this occurred was in 1992 when plant physiologist and parapsychologist Rupert Sheldrake and The Cereologist magazine organised such a competition. Twelve entrants — both teams and individuals — took part in a field near High Wycombe, each assigned the task of reproducting a given pictogram design. The challenge...

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