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2021 Circles: Oliver’s Castle Groundshots

Once again croppie Hannah Allison has been kind enough to share her fantastic groundshots with The Croppie. These were captured at Oliver’s Castle, Roundway, in Wiltshire on Monday 16 August. It’s curious how a ‘woven’ lay can look so different from the air to how it appears on the ground.  The centre of the circle features 19 areas of standing crop, each of which seem to have been split into two and plaited. It’s reminscent of the effect seen at Tidcombe earlier in the season. Click on each image below to view it at full size: Some photographs from...

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2021 Circles: Oliver’s Castle, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire

Reported: 16 August 2021 Location: Roundway Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull With the wheat harvest now well underway, this crop circle was reported close to Oliver’s Castle on the hills above the Wiltshire town of Devizes. Its similarity to the sun has been noticed, but The Croppie is more intrigued by the lay pattern inside the formation; it seems to feature a ‘weave’ and contains 38 individually plaited tuftts. Photographs and video from The Hampshire Flyer: Photographs and video from Nick Bull: img_8858.jpg Photography by Nick Bull img_8862.jpg Photography by Nick Bull img_8859.jpg Photography by...

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2021 Circles: Watership Down Groundshots

The name Watership Down teems with the conflicting imagery of childhood trauma and the beautiful Hampshire countryside. For The Croppie it holds a mystical attraction. That same place has also become the unexpected site of a small pictogram type crop circle, so The Croppie decided to finally pay a visit to this part of rural Hampshire. Photography by Nick Bull Having parked up at the side of the deeply sloping field of greyish-brown wheat, The Croppie immediately noticed the quiet of the location. No distant drone of traffic. Occasional birdsong. The far off whirr of a combine harvester coming...

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2021 Circles: Watership Down, Nr Ashley Warren, Hampshire

Reported: 11 August 2021 Location: Watership Down, Nr Ashley Warren, Hampshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull Do you remember when crop circles used to look like this? Simplicity and placement are the magical facets of a pictogram, but not everyone understands that. Perhaps they’re viewed as outdated in 2021. Unattractive, basic and simple. A weird old Leyland as opposed to a contemporary Bentley. Maybe those who mock old style circles just never experienced the wonder of watching an early 1990s television report and seeing shaky aerial shots, or viewing indistinct footage of a ‘glyph’ captured from a hillside. It’s...

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2021 Kitt’s Lane, West Meon Groundshots

For those of you unable to visit the crop circle at West Meon in Hampshire, Hannah Allison has been kind enough to share her groundshots of the formation with The Croppie. Click on an image to view. The Croppie was also able to make it to Kitt’s Lane in the evening. It was surprising to see how the previous night’s torrential downpours had caused significant damage to the formation in localised areas, best illustrated in the image below. Click on an image to view it at full...

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2021 Circles: Kitt’s Lane, West Meon, Hampshire

Reported: 8 August 2021 Location: Kitt’s Lane, West Meon, Hampshire Lead photograph by The Hampshire Flyer You know you’re into August when the fields are browning and covered with animal tracks. There’s still time for crop circles though, with this one appearing in the vicinity of Bramdean and West Meon Hut. Photographs and video from The Hampshire Flyer: img_8450.jpg img_8451.jpg img_8454.jpg img_8452.jpg img_8455.jpg Photographs and video from Nick Bull: Photographs and video from Hugh...

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2021 Circles: Spiers Lane, Alresford Groundshots

Hannah Allison has been generous enough to provide some fantastic groundshots taken inside the crop circle at Spiers Lane, near Old Arlesford in Hampshire. Enjoy them below. The Croppie also made it down to Spiers Lane and snapped a few shots under a moody dark sky. img_8109.jpg img_8111.jpg img_8113.jpg img_8114.jpg img_8119.jpg img_8120.jpg img_8104.jpg img_8108.jpg img_8106.jpg img_8105.jpg img_8116.jpg img_8118.jpg p1070894_original.jpg p1070893_original.jpg p1070890_original.jpg p1070885_original.jpg p1070892_original.jpg...

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2021 Circles: Billingley, Nr. Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Reported: 2 August 2021 Location: Billingley Green, Billingley, Nr Barnsley, South Yorkshire Lead photograph by Steel City Drone Pilot The third crop circle to have appeared in the Yorkshire area has been reported from Billingley. It looks a little familiar in places and, umm, a little rude. Unfortunately The Croppie is unable to provide a map as we really have no idea where the circle is!  To take a closer look at the circle watch the rather frantic and unusual video below. Sit down as you may feel a little...

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2021 Circles: Spiers Lane, Alresford, Hampshire

Reported: 1 August 2021 Location: Spiers Lane, Alresford, Hampshire Lead photograph by The Hampshire Flyer It has been a slow season with domestic crop circles short on the ground. Hampshire seems to have overtaken Wiltshire as the current epicentre of the phenomenon and this new circle, close to Old Alresford, was found by a member of the public on the morning of 1 August. Photographs and a truly fantastic video from The Hampshire Flyer: Photographs and video from Nick Bull: Finally, some great images and a fantastic video by Hugh Newman of Crop Circles From the...

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