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Croppie Gossip: 29 July 2021

A Matter Of Diameter The Croppie is squirming with embarrassment having watched Dumb Davies and Dumber Hine mocking the sizes of crop circles in England in 2021. Apparently very few are anything ‘less than 30m’ in radius according to Dumber. Predictably, Dumb guffawed along to support his ‘mentor’. Let’s take a look at Dumb Davies’ mess in Dorset and use Google Maps to gain a good estimate on its size: Well, whaddya know? It’s in the region of 60m in diameter … a radius of 30m! The same length as the surveyors tape available in most hardware shops. Not...

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Croppie Gossip: 26 July 2021

When Crop Circles Get Rolled There’s a chapter in Rob Irving and Jon Lundberg’s crop circle book The Field Guide called ‘Roll Your Own’. One farmer close to the village of Upham in Hampshire has taken this literally, choosing to drag a roller over the crop circle in his field. Using a roller in this fashion is a thoroughly bizarre way to get rid of a crop circle. Rather than leaving visitotrs with nothing to see by cutting the circle out — as per the photograph below, showing the Tufton formation — the farmer’s actions have created a shiny...

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Croppie Gossip: 23 July 2021

Psychic Aliens Upset ‘Team’ One Watt What with accusations of copying, anti-Semitism and QAnon related nonsense following in the wake of the Upham circle, it was inevitable that certain individuals would RAGE following the discovery of a rather weather battered formation at Tufton, Hampshire. BLATANT COPY! stropped Dene ‘Spud’ Hine, the leader of the one-amoeba show that is ‘Team’ Ten Watt, supported by fellow crop circle brain Dan Davies under his Frack Off identity on Facebook. All of the usual crass insults followed as the pair spent a good few hours sulking, lashing out, stropping, moping, crying, whining, being...

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2021 Circles: Nuns Walk, Tufton Groundshots

Some groundshots captured by Hannah Allison showing the recent (now defaced) crop circle at Nuns Walk, Tufton, Hampshire. You’ll certainly notice the peculiar, ragged appearance of the formation’s standing edges. This has most likely been caused by wind and rain damage from the torrential rain that hit this part of England hard a few weeks...

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2021 Circles: Nuns Walk, Tufton, Hampshire

Reported: 21 July 2021 Location: Nuns Walk, Tufton, Nr Whitchurch, Hampshire Lead photograph by Nick Bull There’s a lot of talk from certain quarters that all crop circles are immediately reported by their makers. It isn’t true. This one was discovered from above by the pilot of a light aircraft and subsequently reported to the Crop Circle Connector. Looking at the weather damage to the formation this circle almot certainly sat awaiting discovery for a few weeks. The formation has been defaced, presumably by the farmer. Photographs and video from The Hampshire Flyer: Photographs and video from Nick Bull:...

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Croppie Gossip: 20 July 2021

Anti-Semitic Circle Shocker The Croppie has read some nonsense in the past, but apparently the circle at Upham is promoting anti-Semitism and the QAnon conspiracy theory. Rants Nurit Nardi: So let’s get this straight; the supposed original design was a ‘dismissive declaration against QAnon, with the original border saying FU’. But let’s look at the centre…apparently the ‘original design”s central motif was a Q. Is the central motif at Upham definitely a Q? No. It’s been interpreted online as a Q, G, CC, a lock and a polar clock. Such is the ambiguity of crop circles. Let’s sum this...

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2021 Circles: Old Whittington, Nr Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Reported: 19 July 2021 Location: Old Whittington, Nr Chesterfield, Derbyshire Lead photograph by Landscapes and Dronescapes The Croppie knows nothing about Old Whittington and very little about nearby Chesterfield (except the latter used to have a ‘psychic studies’ group). However, this interesting little crop circle appeared in these unlikely...

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Croppie Gossip: 19 July 2021

Lead photograph by Hugh Newman It’s the ‘too hot and really can’t be bothered to waste energy on a moron’ edition of Croppie Gossip! And hasn’t it been a bad few days for someone… Aliens Stole My Crop Circle Design Crop circle appears near Upham in Hampshire. Hoaxer Dene Hine goes ape as he thinks it features elements from two of his crop circle designs: a border and a ‘Q’ motif in the centre. (Looks more like a stylised ‘G’ to The Croppie). Hine and his agents whine and screech endlessly on social media. Nobody cares as they are...

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2021 Circles: Woodcote Lane, Upham, Hampshire

Reported: 18 July 2021 Location: Woodcote Lane, Upham, Hampshire Lead photograph by The Hampshire Flyer woodcote lane, upham Update 20.7.21: Word has reached The Croppie that the farmer was upset by the appearance of the formation. He has apparently defaced the circle by flattening it! It has been a long time since the area around the village of Upham has been the recipient of a crop circle. This one arrived in a peaceful field close to the village, well away from busy roads, with views across to Portsmouth. Hugh Newman has managed to capture a fantastic shot of the...

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Dear Croppie: Are Six-fold and Twelve-fold Circles the Easiest to Make?

The recent hoax in Dorset contained fourteen unevenly shaped petals at the core of its construction. One defender of the pseudo-circle’s appearance attempted to pass this off with the excuse that fourteen-fold geometry is more difficult to produce than six-fold or twelve-fold geometry. Another apologist — albeit using the same Facebook account — suggested the circle would be near enough impossible to produce with any accuracy as a laser level was used in its construction. Is there any truth to these claims? Let’s take a look… Summat to do with Lasers? To work out the starting points of the...

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