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Secret Circles

A 1989 BBC West documentary discussing the theories behind the crop circles. Broadcast during the phenomenon’s golden years this programme provides a genuine insight into the beliefs, doubts and assumptions made by croppies of the era. Features Professor Heinz Wolff of the cult Great Egg Race television show. Enlarge the videos by double clicking on them and selecting ‘full...

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Why Wouldn’t You? #1

Why would anyone go to the effort of staying up all night and making a crop circle? Perhaps it is something to do with the Wiltshire landscape, an arena that is as beautiful in winter as it is midsummer. The photographs on this page are by Ben Cremin and are reproduced under a Creative Commons licence. Please take the time to visit his Flickr page and view his other...

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Worst of 2015

From time to time a crop circle appears so bad it is all but beyond description. 2015’s stinker appeared at Stroud Green in Essex on 21st July. Beyond the inner circle and its two crescents it has nothing in its favour. Observant readers will note that the further one’s eyes travel from the centre, the worse the construction becomes. It’s a miracle the Crop Circle Connector even travelled to snap some images of this mess. Kudos to Matthew Williams for capturing the landscape in his images; even a bad circle can still be forgotten in its...

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The Best of 2015

From the ancient hillforts of the south west to the grain fields of Shakespeare’s county: a pictorial round up of the best crop circles England had to offer in 2015. Images courtesy of Mr Gyro and Temporary Temples. 30 May: Fox Ground Down, Dorset 30 May: Fox Ground Down, Blandford Forum, Dorest 9 June: Sherston, Wilts A beautiful spiral in a usually circle shy part of Wiltshire. 22 June: Uffcott, Wilts One of the season’s best, this gorgeous rose appeared in the shadow of Hackpen Hill. 6 July: Clearbury Ring, Wilts These crescents, rings and ‘swords’ appeared close to...

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Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth

‘Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth’ is a documentary produced by British conspiracy theorist Richard D. Hall. It features a few old chaps, a former West Bromwich Albion player and a lot of nonsense. I’m not selling this very well, but it’s worth watching for an insight into the paranoid...

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