The Croppie recently reported on the attempt of certain land artists and one photographer to conceal the location of their work from the wider public. This failed at only the second attempt as Crop Circle Connector somehow came into possession of the whereabouts of a hoaxed circle in Surrey.

In a fit of pique said photographer went out of his way to send an abusive message to one of the photographers who supply images to the Connector:

you are a real little crawler arent you…. right up [Name withheld] arse crack isnt it. Lets jaunt off down to take photos of [my] circle he didnt want us to know about…. yeah Ill publish my photos as well…. just to rub it in. Dude….you are about as low as they can get.

Charming. This is the same individual who has accused other individuals of attempting to control the crop circle scene. The irony is all too clear. There is nothing to stop anyone capturing photos of a crop circle or land art once it has been stomped into a field. The recipient of the email has done nothing wrong. Hardly low behaviour. It certainly hasn’t stopped the sender from going out and photographing the works of the circle makers he has run down on his social media accounts during the past year.

The sender of the email is the same individual who has levelled abuse at circle makers who have persistently refused to play along with his schemes. This is the same individual who has levelled anti-semitic abuse at circles photographer Hugh Newman. The same individual who falsely accuses others of sending him off on wild goose chases after crop circles that don’t exist.

Come along now. This is not the playground. It’s Wiltshire, 2019. Oh, wait… Seriously though, the individual in question claims crop circles are his life. The way things are headed you have to wonder if it’s time for a new distraction. Anger isn’t a good thing.