Croppie Gossip: Dene Hine — A New Low

Oct 9, 2023 | Croppie Gossip, Dene Hine | 0 comments

Probably Drunk, Definitely Disorderly

We were hoping not to have to mention the once ridiculous, now tragic former circle maker Dene Hine, but having read our last piece on his narcissistic rambling, he decided to stage yet another Facebook tantrum on Crop Circles UK.

All we said was that we expect only two circle makers to be remembered on the historical record. Neither of them are called Dene Hine.

And, goodness, didn’t he mess the bed upon reading this, adding to an already impressive back catalogue of dumb-assery that includes (but is not restricted to) a criminal conviction for fraud by deception; stealing the work of other circle makers and claiming it as his own; telling people he’d been to the police because he’d been harrassed by certain individuals, only to then rage about them on Facebook shortly after; working with a farmer at Ansty to fool people that an advert for a bong maker was a ‘genuine’ crop circle; advocating violence against a well-known female croppie; telling people he made the 2001 Milk Hill ‘Galaxy’ despite having never made a circle until half a decade later. 

With possibly alcohol fuelled flames scorching from his nostrils, Hine went after people he believed to be associated with this website (and, for some odd reason, the Crop Circle Connector and another former circle maker). He went to town with:

A false accusation that someone is an ‘pedophile’; presumably a paedophile:

Nobody cared. It’s a real shame that Hine doesn’t stick to his promise here. Nobody will miss him. He might even find himself in a happier space.

A video of a man in a car abusing two adults and two children in a car, in which the faces of minors are clearly visible:

We have not featured stills of the children. That’s Hine’s level and not ours.

Nobody cared. 

A display of transphobia using the term ‘non-binary’ as an insult (as also seen in the screenshot above):

Unsurprisingly, nobody on Hine’s side leapt to back up his embarrassing ravings. Hine’s transphobia had the effect of making himself look the complete, frazzled, sloshed, washed-up loser he is. It’s 2023, not 1978, Dene.

Kudos to one David Callum for taking Hine to task over his prejudicial idiocy. After Hine realised he had been a bit of a phallus, he continued an old habit of deleting the wreckage of the self-inflicted humiliation. Such a brave man.

Continued harrassment of a female he obsesses over:

Returning to the video clip mentioned above, Hine seems to have something of a bizarre obsession with the woman it features. In April of this year he messaged her via Facebook with a vile tirade of misogynistic language.

We’ve been sat on this screenshot, amongst others, for months. Now seemed an appropriate time to release it to show what unnecessary silliness this lady has to deal with from Hine.

An Intervention Sorely Overdue

Hine’s latest ranting seems pretty ironic given he once described The Croppie as ‘insignificant and no one cares’, though it’s clearly living rent-free inside his little toe.

You really have to wonder where this all going to end. Hine seems to have become increasingly uncontrolled. Maybe he thinks he comes across as threatening, as a menace … a force to be reckoned with. If that’s the case then he needs to raise his game. He seems to spend his time pointlessly arguing with people who won’t accept claims he made such-and-such a crop circle. Why does it matter to him what they think? He’s no more than the proverbial little fella oblivious to the reality of what’s going on in the world around him. He doesn’t even have the courage to run his mouth and keep the comments online.

Ultimately, wee Deney needs his partner to put their arm around him, tell him to step back and ask why he’s behaving in such a manner. That would be a start. Instead, we expect more self-pitying and outbursts when Hine realises once again that The Croppie views him as no more than a joke.