Don’t Blame Me For the Crap Circle … Blame The Energies

We’re four calendar months away from Christmas but the Messiah has come early. Entry level hoaxer Dan Davies has entered the room in flowing white robes to share the meaning of the messy crop circle he released a couple of days back.

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‘The message,’ quoth Davies on social media, ‘is everything goes full circle and some people are just hanging on the edge and there is a star in the middle. Not my words but the words of the higher energies transported from another dimension via the circle designers and makers.’

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Having had more time to examine the construction of the circle (including chopped off ‘blade’ tips and some construction lines that are supposed to be invisible) it’s possible Davies is being assisted by the same shockingly bad energies that helped Enzo Brabazon at Silbury Hill earlier in the season. Or, as Occam’s Razor would suggest, Dan clearly is nowhere near being one of the ‘world’s best land artists’ he believes he is. Whatever the true cause it’s easy to blame the supernatural energies for a job done done badly.

Whilst Dan has been busy spamming his circle here, there and everywhere, ‘mentor’ Dene Hine hasn’t been far behind. Feeling empowered by threatening one particular photographer, Hine tried to charm Julian Gibsone of the Crop Circle Connector and Crop Circles-UFOs-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations group.

Hine demanded Gibsone post Davies’s circle on the Connector despite the south west’s dimmest crop circle duo witholding the formation’s location. The subsequent exchange was golden:


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The stupidity of stroppy Hine knows no bounds. He is demanding the Connector feature a crop circle their own photographers cannot record! That’s such a fantastic incentive for everyone. Great work, Dene, as usual.

Dan wasn’t too far behind, announcing the death of the Crop Circle Connector and the birth of ‘new directions an [sic] ideas’, coded language for acting like an entitled, talentless imbecile who has no concept of quality control when it comes to his work.

Dan obviously has no grasp of crop circle history either. It was only a few years back that we saw the doomed Crop Circle Disconnector set up by Matthew Williams and none other than Dene Hine. The whole idea then was to operate independently of the Connector. That didn’t go well though, did it?

Update 27 August: The Connector didn’t need Hine for the details of the circle’s location as it was found by a member of the public. Was it really worth it, Spud?